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Marble Surface

The White Duke
by vito nolè
via Regina Margherita, 37 - Calosso
0141 853802 - 3385072213

Picnic menu

- Zucchini carpaccio with royal prawns flavored with chervil, mint and thyme
- Guinea fowl salad with parmesan flakes and celery heart

- Rice salad with Taggiasca olives, tuna and vegetables from the garden

- Pear and hazelnut cake


Book your picnic bag and collect it directly in the cellar

The cellars will be open from 10:30 to 17:00 for visits, tastings and purchases


Choose the cellar, the date and at the end select your favorite picnic menu
the payment will be made directly in the cellar

Each picnic bag contains: cutlery, napkin, bread and bottle of water

pizzeria restaurant
via battibò, 9 - Piana del Salto - Calosso
0141 853346 - 333201626

Picnic menu

- Zucchini, bacon and ricotta pie with diced cherry tomatoes
   with a mint scent

-Pasta salad with peppers, tuna and olives cream

- Chicken salad with radicchio, toma cheese and walnuts in balsamic vinegar

- Chunks of watermelon


Prenota il tuo pic nic

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